Test in Tekniikan Maailma Magazine

"The battery's ability to receive charge was much better due to the Polar Battery Heater."

"A pre-heates battery charged four times better."

Polar Battery Heaters guarantee that your car starts even in cold conditions. The battery heater can be installed in all vehicles and machinery using plug-in connectors. Compatible with Defa and Calix systems. Easy to install under or on the side of the battery.

A new, affordable model with a grounded Schuko plug is now available. Using it is very easy. Drop the Battery Heater between the battery box and battery, and plug it in. That's all.

See Polar Battery Heater face a real test — running non-stop for two winters.

Polar Battery Heater is the only one in the world that complies with the strict EU directives.
The product is also patent and design protected.

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