No more unnecessary heating, your car is always ready to go!


The most convenient way to keep your car warm

Polar Energy Saver keeps the engine temperature at 20±5 °C even during extremely cold weather and saves up to 70-85% of energy.
The energy saver recognises the engine temperature and temperature outdoors, and controls the engine heater, using energy efficiently and sparingly.

The energy saver can be installed in two different ways, either so that it controls the heating of the engine only or of both the engine and interior. The interior temperature will then settle at a standard temperature which is usually enough.

The heater cable can always be plugged in, the engine warms up steadily, and no timer switches are needed. When you come home from work, for example, and plug in your car's heater cable, the smart 3D thermostat detects the warm engine and does not switch on the heating until the early morning. Clever feature which has also been patented!

Also note that a warm engine consumes almost 45% less fuel than that of a car which has been started cold. Thanks to pre-heating, harmful exhaust emissions during the first kilometres of driving are decreased by up to 60-80%.According to a study by the VTT, one cold start up can wear out the engine as much as a 100 – 600km drive with a warm engine. Pre-heating is therefore always worth it, especially when it can be done in a way that saves energy.

Many models for different purposes. CALIX compatible models now also available. A specific product also for heavy machinery.

Professional transport vehicles have saved even up to 82% of energy!

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