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Polar Energy Saver - Defa compatible

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No more unnecessary heating, your car is always ready to go!

The heater cable can always be plugged in and no timer switches are needed.

When you plug in your car's heater cable, the smart 3D thermostat detects the warm engine and does not switch on the heating until the early morning.

After this, the thermostat maintains the engine temperature at 20±5 °C even during extreme cold.


Energy Saver is already equipped with a Defa compatible cable. Maximum power 2300 watts.

The rest of the Energy Watch are B-grade and are sold at half price. Fully functional - connectors repaired.

Polar Energy Saver detects the radiant heat of the engine and controls the engine heating, switching it on and off.
The sensitive 3D thermostat controls the engine temperature in relation to the temperature outdoors.

A vehicle equipped with the thermostat no longer needs timer switches or other control systems. The thermostat controls the heating only as necessary, keeping the engine temperature at approximately +20 degrees.

This is also suitable for cars with radiant engine heaters. The thermostat detects the warm engine and does not switch on the heating unnecessarily.

Cold tests done in -20 degrees showed that the energy savings during a 14-hour night period were 70% compared to cars being heated continuously. Similarly, the energy savings were 85% in -10 degrees. At 0 degrees, the car is not heated at all and the energy savings are therefore 100%.

The same product can also be used to control the interior heater, in which case it detects the warm interior instead, beginning to switch the heating on and off only when the temperature decreases. The interior heating will automatically be adjusted to around +3…+5°C, maintaining this standard temperature and keeping the windows defrosted.

Installation requires no engineering skills

The device is so simple to install that it can be done even without tools. The power cable connected to the engine heater is separated from the quick connector and replaced with a Polar Energy Saver. The thermostat is placed close to the side of the engine where it can detect the radiant heat of the engine.

  • The car is always warm and ready to go
  • The engine warms up more steadily
  • No need for timer switches or keeping an eye on the weather
  • The car can always be plugged in
  • Polar Energy Saver controls the car heating automatically
  • The engine is warm and the car's computer adjusts the fuel supply correctly and economically
  • Since the engine is warm, no strain is placed on it during start up and it does not pollute the environment
  • Installation with plug-in connectors only takes a couple of minutes
  • Not affected by power outages. Timers reset during power outages, this device does not.

Energy Saver is available with DEFA and CALIX compatibility.

Type PH15DE
230 VAC
10 A Max 2300 W

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