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PH120 akkulämmitin

  • PH120 akkulämmitin
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  • Uudessa John Deere traktorissa Polar Akkulämmitin PH120
  • Uudessa Scaniassa lisävarusteena Polar Akkkulämmitin PH120
  • Polar Battery Heater 120W
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This high-powered heater, the so called Scania model, is particularly suitable for trucks and buses, as well as machinery and tractors, for 145–230 Ah batteries with their cells on both sides, as shown in the picture. If necessary, many heaters can be attached together.

The heater is also well suited for similarly sized lithium batteries. Applications include various work machines, such as harbor cranes, backup power stations and various hybrid vehicles.

The complete installation package includes everything you need; a Defa compatible cable, as well as insulation and quick-lock belts for securing the heater around the battery. Polar Battery Heater is made of flexible silicone rubber that withstands battery acid and other chemical substances well.

Using the adapter, the heater also becomes Calix compatible.

If you have Calix system so you may also need this.

In their test, Tekniikan Maailma found out that, thanks to the Polar battery heater, the battery received power four times better when warm.

No more unnecessary battery changes. The battery heater prolongs the life of the battery by several years.

The battery heater is controlled by a thermostat and maintains the temperature of the battery at 20±5 °C.

What is special about this heater is that it heats up the battery from -18 degrees to +20 degrees in five hours. After the heating is finished, it takes 24 hours for the battery to cool down back to the original temperature. The battery stays warm for the 8-12 hours of a normal working day, even without being heated up again.

Polar Heater developed a battery heater set for the new Scania cars, especially designed for the cold conditions of the North. The requirement was to improve start-up reliability and operational reliability in the challenging, northern conditions. Another requirement was an easy and quick installation upon maintenance or assembly.

The Polar battery heater is now available for all Scania trucks.
Read more technical description

A battery heater suitable for John Deere tractors can be found in Agri Market.

Quick installation

The heater is wrapped around the battery and fastened at the ends with quick-lock belts. Very quick and easy to install upon maintenance or another similar occasion. Connection to the engine heater cable, or powered using a separate power cable. Defa and Calix's own cable kits, for example, can be used for this.

The package also includes insulation for the battery, as well as quick-lock belts for securing the thermostat projection and insulation in place.

Suitable for all batteries:

Maximum width 300 mm
Minimum length 410 mm
Minimum height 120 mm

Note: not recommended for AGM batteries. Ask our customer service for more information.


PH120 Battery Heater with Defa connector and the cable 0,6 meter
Cellural plastic insulator 175mm x 1800 x 6 mm
4 pcs Fast lashing straps 19 x 1900 mm
Other equipment can be ordered separately such Defa connection set and y-branch.

The battery heater complies with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive.
CE certified. The product is also patent and design protected.
According to the law, the customer must be told which products the item is compatible with. A mention of compatibility can be found in the text.

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