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Polar Heater Oy is a company specialising in wintertime and energy saving issues of cars and machinery. We operate as a retailer and wholesaler of Polar Heater products for large customers as well as other retailers. Polar Heater products have already been installed in tens of thousands of vehicles.

The mains-powered POLAR BATTERY HEATER is particularly helpful with start up issues during cold weather.
Polar Battery Heater is directly compatible with Defa and Calix systems, whereas POLAR ENERGY SAVER controls the engine heater and interior heaters, providing up to 70-100% in energy savings, depending on the outdoor temperature.

Our new product, Defa-Calix adapter, has become extremely popular as it makes both systems compatible with one another.

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Defa-Calix adapter DN-CU / Calix-Defa adapter CN-DU

Defa-Calix adapter

34,90 € 37,90 €
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Polar akkulämmitin Schuko pistokkeella. Uusi malli - parempi kaapeli.

Polar Battery Heater with Schuko plug

139,00 € 149,00 €
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Polar Energy Saver - Defa compatible

129,00 € 199,00 €
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PH120 akkulämmitin

Polar Battery Heater 120W

290,00 € 449,00 €
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